updates windows after not even booting into it for a month
*your pc will restart several times* oh okay

on third restart:
grub rescue>

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    The feels man, happened to me a couple days ago
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    that fuck shrank the C drive and created a new partition in the middle of the disk. the C drive was already less than 50 GBs
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    btw it now has a new dark theme, that looks like android's material dark had sex with windows 98
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    Don't put grub on the same disk as windows. Simple as that. Even a 256mb usb2 China crapstick on some back usb port will be more than enough. Install grub, change USB to boot priority one and waddle on
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    @Kimmax It didn't actually destroy grub, it created a small partition(Windows Recovery blah blah) shrinking the C: drive.
    before this, I had sda1 as ESP, sda2 as C:, sda3 as /boot and sda4 as /
    after the update sda3 was the new partition, sda4 is /boot and sda5 is /
    I think this confused grub. efi probably tried to find grub in the new partition instead of the actual /boot
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    @Kimmax thank you!
    I've never had this issue after installing grub on a different disk. It's not that difficult to do
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    @Kimmax @Charmesal mine is a laptop. though it has 2 disks, the second one is a 1TB single partition which is almost full. I don't want to repartition it. also having a usb stick is also not practical
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    @sudo-rm-rf well gparted can move the partition and grub doesn't take up much
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    @sudo-rm-rf grub should refer to the partition uid, not the partition number itself, so it shouldn't matter if a new one gets pushed in between. If that's not the case, that's the next thing you should investigate
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    @Kimmax I did some research and I think it's not using uuid in my case. I'm not sure though, I have to take a look
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