People, I have a question about your company organisation...
In my company we are using kanban (TFS).
And I'm really pissed when a tester or project manager writes a bug, like I have photo-graphical memory of every window in the solution.
My questions is, who reviews tasks/bugs/pbis before they go to programmers to work for.
I mean do you have anyone in between who writes you what document,or event better... class/view/viewmodel is it.
For the love of God, when they write me "cities wont save".
I'm like, what window, what did you do...and rage starts...
Do you have any tutorial for SE companies, how to structure the company and what tools to use

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    We don't have someone in between but I tell project managers and QA that screenshots should show me the url at least.

    I get the same tickets as you but I don't expect whoever is writting them to know which class has the bug. It's my job to investigate and fix.

    As a developer, investigating bugs is your job. Don't expect someone to review the ticket then tell you where the bug is. Finding the cause of the bug is 50% of the fun.
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    I want to add this : if your Project manager or QA don't include reproduction steps then go have a face to face chat and ask them politely to add the steps to the ticket.

    If the bug is random or doesn't always happen, then explain to them that it will take some time for you to be able to reliably reproduce it. Until then you can't comment on cause or time to fix.

    Communication is key here.
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    @MrCSharp Noooo...I completly understand that it's my jock to hunt bugs, but when someone writes like 0 repro steps, 0 screenshots or 0 error logs...

    Then I'm pissed
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    here's what we do:
    business unit's technical side is in charge of writing end-2-end and integration tests. if they find a bug, doesn't matter how, they edit our test suites on CI/CD server to show the bug.
    in dev team then our builds turn automatically red showing exactly where the problem is, so we go down the rabbit hole, write eventually additional unit tests, write the code, commit, push and finger crossed till the build is green again

    it's a pretty quick and non bureaucratic way to deal with these situations.
    the biggest tradeoff is that it makes harder to extract good metrics for individual evaluation.
    but if you are committed only to results and only as a whole team tho, this is not a problem (pretty hard to find this kind of management. lot of managers love to have someone to blame and someone to praise, it makes their job easier)
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    @revisiondot reread what I said mate. You need to talk to them politely and explain to them why you can't investigate without more info.

    Either that or just close the ticket as "won't do" because you can't reproduce it.

    Again, communication is key.
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    I, Can Ban, can ban Kanban.

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    It's cs student interns here who test manually and write automated tests..
    Documenting bugs precisely in Atlassian Jira is required here, else you get f**ked. The bug description quality is pretty good tbh.
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    Close. Reason: unable to reproduce
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