So in the next term we're going to learn web dev(bootstrap and some javascript, no backend :( for now), the previous term was about c#. We'll have to build a website as a team (4-5 people) and everyone has a specific task and have to do the research on their own,but at the same time we can help each other out. OMG if the whole school was just like this I would be happy to come here every day lol! I also hope to improve on my social anxiety, but this could easily backfire depending on my future teammates, coz you know, in every highschool there have to be some badass kid whose intelligent equals with two rats...

So yeah, right now I feel 50-50% about this whole thing.

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    Best of luck! Are you gonna use a js framework?
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    @CoffeeNcode hmm..., The problem is that everybody in the team has to know all parts of the project and we get our grades equally so I wouldn't make it complex to them. Altough I have experience from here and there even I'll have to do a proper warm up with js, but if I'll use a framework I would probably choose vue.
    I'm also a beginner and they say it's better to know the vanilla first.
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    @Besi ah yeah, it's definitely good to know vanilla J's before using a framework
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