Got fired for the first time today, strange feeling.

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    That sucks man, sorry to hear that.
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    Well, it would be a pretty big fucking surprise if you got fired a second time today...
    I'm sorry, my condolences.
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    @duckWit @PonySlaystation
    Thanks guys. At first I was euphoric, now Im kinda down.
    I didnt like it too much, so there is that, but still feels shit to be out of a paycheck. It just wasnt the right fit i guess
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    @Kulijana You will find a better place! Don't let yourself to be pulled down! 😉
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    Thanks. At least they gave some info on why I was fired
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    @Kulijana hopefully it is something like your boss found out that your best voted rant was about him.

    But don't feel too bad. You will figure out something
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    It was a mix of a few smaller things, I feel like they could have given me a chance to redeem myself, but I respect their call. At least they didn't cause any financial problems and paid me fairly
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    It's going to be fine always remember there is lots of things waiting for us in this place I faced this situation twice and believe me those two situation really affected me very in worst way.
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    What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
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    @antoniomerlin @abhisheksn
    Genuinely thanks guys, I think Im gonna take a month off, and rething some stuff, work on some personal projects, and get my selfconfidence back from the dead. At moments like this, Im quite glad devrant exists.
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    Yes, it's best time to improve yourself without boss,
    Be your own boss and improve as much as you can,

    Then you can rise more

    Best to Luck 🍀 man
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    Just remember one thing always do which improve you and try to stick with it and everything come together
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    I don't know anyone who got fired twice in one day.

    Don't worry man. Everything happens for a reason. All the best.
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