Been working with NodeJS a lot lately. Finding it really convenient and flexible. As someone who spent a lot of time using C, it's like going from eating fruit to candy bars. Seems pretty amazing just npm installing whatever you need and working with those packages... Until you dare to look at the list of ingredients.

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    Yeah, fruits are "eventually" good in the long run
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    @heyheni JavaScript still has around just around 1% of share in backend languages (don't remember the source, but I used it in my bachelor thesis and it is pretty trustful), so how can 97% of web app code come from npm, while around 60% of website's backend is in PHP?
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    @hitzoR 60% because of wordpress?
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    @heyheni Found the source, it is even more than that, 78%. Can't say how many of that is taken by WordPress and similiar CMSes and eShops running on things like PrestaShop, but I would say it is around half of that. Here, in Czech republic, PHP devs are the most demanded on the programmers market together with Java devs, so I'm certain there is a lot of websites running on custom solutions built on top of frameworks like Symfony, Laravel or Nette.
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