The number of mistagged posts on devRant explains why your "perfect" questions on SO get downvoted.

I mean if you can't choose "joke/meme" category when you are uploading a copied meme and instead just click the first/biggest button labeled "rant" I doubt you can formulate a good question.

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    I agree. I sometimes feel like an elitist or whatever you want to call it by "downvoting" those posts, but honestly... Same with questions, some people don't put the slightest effort in but then expect an entire crash course on the subject. That truly is painful.

    Pardon my language, but fuck those cunts.
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    Bruh chill
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    Also, reposting shit within hours sheds doubt on the ability to avoid duplicate questions.
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    @simpleJack originally I included "SO is full of assholes and I'm a special snowflake" tag but devRant deleted it silently.
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    @sSam You should have tried the British spelling just in case :D
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    @Jilano it probably was the length of the tag. I'm not bothered enough to test.
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    (inserts a million characters without formatting)

    Soo… What should it do? Have you tried ANYTHING? Why are you even doing this? Why do you think people do your boring work for you?

    For 90% of questions I get a mail for, I downvote, edit tags, comment on why the question is shit (but nicely worded) and in about ~30% of cases also vote to close. Only ~1% of questions is actually interesting. I wish there was a way to only get those questions. There are some really simple criteria it could be filtered with. Teaching everyone to ask good questions is obviously impossible, since most askers using the Minecraft tag have a single digit age and in the best case read the answer, but often leave the site forever even before that.
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    I forgot the other category: "My MCPE/MC console command with NBT isn't working!"
    Yes, because that game has no NBT! It's a different game, stop taking commands from MC Java!
    I wish they would stop trying to brand every version as being the same and working the same, because it clearly doesn't.
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    @Jilano Oh don't worry. I used to feel bad when down voting stuff on here but now that the filters are a thing, if I see anything that I'd categorize as a meme/joke, it's downvoted as spam without a second thought.
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    I completely forgot to tell why I told that Minecraft story: Those questions are notoriously mistagged, despite the hover text of those tags and the autocomplete both telling the user exactly when to use and not use those tags. And I follow the tag for the Java version and have zero interest in MCPE, so I get lots of useless mails.
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