I need cyclic data structures but algebraic data types are my first love and tying the knot is impossible with the eagerness F# has. The interfaces and classes I abandoned C# for are the ones I am now writing in F#. What a job well done on my part in avoiding mutability :(

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    Is it relatively easy to do this in F#? I imagine it's much easier than in Rust since the runtime has GC.
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    @beegC0de F# has garbage collection too
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    @MoonOwl that's what I meant* in Rust you explicitly add garbage collection to your types
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    @beegC0de F# is an ML. ML's are garbage collected by default like many other functional languages. But what does garbage collection have to do with the expression of cyclic graphs?
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    @MoonOwl cyclic references can lead to double frees when the value is dropped. This is avoided in garbage collected languages because the runtime knows when all references to a value are gone. Maybe you don't even have to think about it in f#, I just saw "algebraic data types" and "cyclic data structures" and thought HEY Rust has this and had problems representing those!
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    @beegC0de Ah I get you now. Sorry for misreading your comment. I remodelled the problem and solution
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