Cloud agnostic solution with terraform (where necessary), k8, etc.

AWS: no issues
Docket EE: no issues
GKE: no issues
Couple other options: no issues
Client bare metal: no issues

Azure: slower than hell, barely functions, Azure “support experts” have no idea and aren’t being helpful


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    I read a great quote on reddit once. "azure feels like what happens, when a bunch of teams are told to tie their projects together, but really don't want to, and have no coherent tactic and strategy for it."
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    "How do you manage to use so many different programming languages?"

    "It's not hard. It's just idiomatic differences along with some gotchyas here and there. I mean, Google helps when I forget things, obviously."

    "Yeah, but every day you use like 6 different languages."

    "So? It'd expect anyone to be able to do that."

    "I can barely manage 2!"

    "What? That's unreasonable."

    "Coding is coding. Design is design. Engineering and architecting systems or even coding is just having a basic understanding of the fundamentals and then working within the limitations of the systems you are given. You just need to choose the right options for the task at hand."

    "OK, but you really only need one language or platform to do everything."

    "That, my friend, is why I get paid more than you."
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