Manager: Why not use the alibaba cloud?
Me: Because balbalbal...

After two week

Manager: Why not use the alibaba cloud?

Infinite loop!!!

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    Don't think most of us know Alibaba does cloud computing so... Balbalbal?
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    Eh? Balbalbal?
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    That shit happened at our office. Fucken business ppl only cares about cheaper option. They even made an appointment with their sales ppl (without talking to us first)

    I didn't attend also, what the fuck there are only few ppl in IT and we have shit tons of servers on live. They want me to waste hours migrating all from AWS to Alibaba (and let Chinese gov monitor) for the sake of them to save extra bucks.

    Beside, my CTO tried (as they requested to) and said unstable as fuck.
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    Balbalbal 🤔
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