Sad but true

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    If you've ever had a driver's license, they have your finger prints. Fact is, if you've ever lived in any but the most undeveloped countries, they know everything they want to about you. Privacy is an illusion.
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    Finally someone understands why this stupid piece of "security layer" is useless. The "secure question" is more secure against e.g. govs than this.
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    @edisonn now we start to see, right? It's only a "feature". Another fancy features:

    "Hi Siri/Cortana, I'm John from Us-Spy-Agency, please unlock."

    "Sure, John, have a nice day!"

    - future
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    From what I've looked at with technical documents, the Nexus 6P securely handles the biometric fingerprint and detects when an actual finger is on the scanner. This would definitely help against individuals who have the print available.
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    @fractalwizz who told you that a security question can't be just something to help you remember e.g. a situation/part of your password? Security question isn't necessarily "What's my dog's name?" It can be as secure as a casual password if you think at least a little bit.
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    @KeyWeeUsr More like. "Siri, protocol 5JFK911-NSA"

    "Identity confirmed. Unlocking the phone, Ethan."
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