It makes me furious to see all those "joke/meme" reposts here. For the first time I went through one user's profile and downvoted almost every post he made, because everything was just a repost of a meme. And those people get ++'s so damn quickly. What is happening to this community?

I should just stop using sorting by recent...

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    On the contrary, I highly suggest staying on "recent" but you should also enable the right filters.

    Regarding that "user", there is not much you can do. Some people will just spam a lot to stack "points" because they want to be recognised or something. The internet in a nutshell: "notice meeeeee!"
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    The issue isn't just reposting, it's also the people who even ++ that. This has ruined the memes category, and these people don't even understand the issue and say "eh calm down man".

    In short, the community self-cleaning simply doesn't work as intended @dfox .
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    I'm kinda surprised. More often than not, rants like that are ridiculed. It's nice to see people sharing my opinion.
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    Enabled joke/meme for one minute to check the current situation.

    Instantly saw four bro memes.

    Disabled joke/meme category.
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    I didn't really want to disable whole category since there CAN be something really funny and unique.
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    @Agred I'd rather miss few gems than suffer eternal damnation. The risk just isn't worth.
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    @Agred there can and should be but I'm afraid it gets flushed away with crap.
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    You can hide posts voted as „repost“ -> Settings. Maybe this helps a bit
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    There are three kinds of ranters:

    - Ranters
    - Memers
    - Ranters who rant about memers

    The platform has shifted guys, and clearly this is a site that is less about rant and more about dev in general, including reposted memes which are popular regardless of how you feel about them.

    Rants are also still a significant part of the content, but you cant expect to see only rants unless you actually filter and downvote uncategorized.
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    @SauceBoss I was waiting for someone like you to post xD
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    @SauceBoss mistags, though 😋
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