you guys should read this article.

Based on the writing style I wouldn't be surprised if someone on devrant was the author

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    I have sent this article to countless new programmers. Every one of them said "it couldn't possibly be that bad". Half have sent me "fuck, you were right" messages a year later, the other half just sort of disappeared.
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    Had to fav this.

    Saw the examples at the end? They are C++, ???, Brainfuck, Ook! and Perl.

    I do not recognize example 2, does anyone here? I am curious!

    (Although I think that putting in Brainfuck and Ook! (which is a Brainfuck variant) is a bit off, as nothing productive will ever be written in them.)

    (Edit) Found it! The second one is "Unlambda", another Never-Used-For-Real-Language.

    But this is still a great article!
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    Really fucking hate that the page is stretched on mobile by nothing other than this stupid subscribe button. I can't just scroll down, I need to scroll from left to right in order to keep the article from going off-screen. Why is this such a common thing?
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    @AlgoRythm I think these pictures are to blame, not the sub button. And the reason this is so common is because images in HTML have the unique and counter-intuitive property of completely ignoring parent sizing and overflowing all over the place. It's dumb, but it's "what the standard says".
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    Perscription: 3 doeses of maximum strength

    max-width: 100%
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    Haha. This is absolutely hilarious! :D
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    That article is too real. Makes me wonder if I shouldn’t have gone into stats or economics or accounting back in school lol
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    "Programmers are forcing their brains to do things brains were never meant to do in a situation they can never make better, ten to fifteen hours a day, five to seven days a week, and every one of them is slowly going mad."
    - that guy
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