me: *submits a PR on our old system*
My teamlead: please mind the code style, there was no need to add the extra whitespace line under that loop.
Me: 🤔 there are style conventions in this project??
NB: this is really old code with tons of long lines, weird spacing and whitespace in random places and functions that span hundreds of lines.
I seriously did not notice a consistent style here.
I wanna go back to working on the new system ☹️

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    @linuxxx just one Sprint, then I'll work on the new system again
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    I once had a job where my code reviews had to go thru a certain "engineer". His only complaint was extra white space. I even threw in obvious code smells and errors to see what he could catch.

    I always suspected he was a poser and couldn't write code to save his ass...

    White space is a great separator
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    Doesn‘t any decent dev environment have CI/CD Pipeline set up, which usually includes a linter? So who gives a damn about code style?
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    Cmon. Its not the first time they bullshit you. Get outta there.
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    @gathurian the new system: yes thru have pipelines. The old one: no. We're busy getting rid of it gradually, but it's a huge codebase
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    @scor believe me, this job is incredibly sane compared to my last one
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    Whats NB? Sorry if newb
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    @Swish "Nota bene", latin for "please note"
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