My colleague has spent 3 days writing a responsive menu that has 5 items in it with no nesting that needs to move to a sidebar on mobiles.

I think that should be maximum 30 lines html and max 40 lines css. Or at least around that sort of area.

He has 150 lines html, 200 lines css, and is not even finished yet. He also made 2 entirely different menus for different screen sizes instead of using media queries...

The reasoning from all my colleagues is that its because the menu needs to use css grid (it doesn't they just randomly decided we can't use flex, float or online).

Working with people that give reasons for their garbage code that literally makes no sense every day gives me a headache....

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    Meanwhile, the dude is stressing out af and in need of help for a feature that should have been a quick-win. But he can feel his team frowning upon his work at each standup, so he doesn't say anything. That's when the snake bites its own tail and the vicious circle of blame starts.

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    @karasube that is a fair point but I don't think it's like that. I am never rude to the guy either, I just pointed out that we can achieve it in 10 mins work, show him it and literally implement it in front of him. We are still using his bloated worse than junior level code anyway.
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    If it's 10 min, why not do it and give it to him? He'll get the credit, and you'll get a beer?
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    @vandroid64 team of 4 people so it doesn't work like that.

    Plus the main problem I face is that they don't actually agree with my point of view. They think the bloated code is better.

    They also think that DRY is a bad idea...
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    I've just done some real quick navbar with media queries for you and it's probably what you'll need; consider it a "devGift". lol

    index.html file (it has the CSS on a "style" block just for demonstration -- it's a bad practice doing so.): https://pastebin.com/268rNRg4

    Here's how it looks like:
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    @craig939393 this sounds like a blatant abuse of CSS grid 😭, of CSS in general in fact
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