While I was on vacation, someone added jQuery as a dependency to our angular 5 project because all his favorite libraries depend on it.

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    And... Who let him do it? I mean there must be a team leader somewhere, no?
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    Git blame
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    This legit sounds like my nightmare
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    My work has jquery, prototype, scriptaculous, and angularjs 1.7... hahaha. Clearly they didn't think things out when adding all these dependencies.

    The managers also rarely ever do code reviews - especially for frontend code - so I could probably add some stupid shit somewhere and nobody or hardly anybody would ever notice it.
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    @Jilano our teams don't have leaders, which usually is a good thing.

    + I wouldn't consider this jQuery guy my "enemy", he just joined our team and the timing was bad, that's all 😄
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    OMFG 😂😂
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