This guy at an internship who only wanted to use anything Microsoft.

It was fine for his own use but he also wanted it for a high security prod environment and tried to push that through.

Luckily, the (very competent) team lead refused to use closed source stuff for high security environments.

"listen (team lead to that guy), it's not going to happen. We're simply not using software from a US based company which is closed source for high security stuff.
Why? The US is one of the biggest surveillance powers in this world, we just can't be sure what's in the software if it's US based. Now you can say that that's paranoid but whether or not it is, the surveillance part is a fact, deal with it. That you want to use it, fine, but NOT. IN. HIGH. SECURITY. PROD. (or prod at all really).

He continued to try and convert colleagues to windows and other Microsoft stuff for the rest of his internship.

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    Didn't you say, you guys run pretty much completely on linux?
    How did that guy even got in your team?
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    So I guess he was not offered a perm position? 😭
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    It's well known that MS cooperates with the NSA, not least because the US aren't a constitutional state. They have USSR style shit like secret court orders that you mustn't talk about even with your lawyer. The NSA in turn is largely used for industrial espionage, also fact.

    It's also why Github as US based company has always been out of question for hosting anything confidential even before MS bought them.
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    @jespersh Ya he had a rant about someone suggesting Windows Server for a storing sensitive customer data because it is top secure os lol
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    @wamiqurrehman so there's always at least one guy who always like msft stuff. 😂😂
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    haha are rumanchi saan ab to sudhar ja 😂😂
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    @linuxxx I'm curretly planning to buy a Surface Pro 6 ^^;;

    Please try changing my mind
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    @CozyPlanes you can buy the suface pro, it is an excellent computer. Just don't use windows. Change the OS to linux, and it is going to be even better. Still for the money of the SP you can get a better windows laptop, like the Huawei Matebooks collection, and change it to linux.
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    @wamiqurrehman ab kuch na hoskut hai babwua... Ab hm c# use kren hain aur usi k fan bn gye hain ❤
    Jahan c# jaywegi wahan hm jawengen !
    C# linux pe jawegi hm bhi wahan paunch jawengen ❤
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    @metamourge Noo, this was my internship, quite a lot of windows users!
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    @CozyPlanes I've got a surface myself, runs Linux though!
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    I have a confession to make.

    I use Microsoft To-Do just because it had an incredible UI. Now it has just good UI. The one of the only two good things that Microsoft made is Microsoft To-Do. The other is Visual Studio Code.
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    Nothing is 100% secure and unmonitored anymore. Nothing. Power is too tempting for those elites with trillions of dollars in the mix and world domination on their minds for them to allow for 100% secure, unmonitored anything. If you want security, don’t use a computer. Ever. Wall yourself up in a cave.
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    @stackodev Bullshit. Of course nothing is 100 percent secure but if everyone were to start using secure encrypted messengers and shit like Qubes, mass surveillance would become insanely hard. They've got huge budgets but not near enough to deploy entire hacking teams at everyone in the goddamn world.

    Not staying that using Linux makes you 100 percent secure right away but its at least reviewable and thus one can actually check what's going on. This way, bugs/vulnerabilities are found faster and backdoors stand little chance in comparison to closed source software.

    It's not as black and white as you're portraying. You can be very secure whilst using a computer. Not 100 percent, no, but if you follow that mindset, why do you even get up in the morning? You could slip and break your neck the second you step out of bed.
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    I like windows but im not a window licker and i dont force others to use that.
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    @linuxxx do you own a cell phone? You’re monitored. Do you have Alexa? Google Home (well, Google anything, really)? Ring? Netflix? A tollway payment device? A credit card? A bank account? Do you drive a car through traffic lights with cameras? Visit any public places with cameras and microphones to measure foot traffic and pick up on spoken keywords? Hell, your ISP probably knows more about you than your mom.

    We have put our faith into convenience technology we don’t control or understand and in privacy policies we don’t read. There’s much more to one’s privacy than just which distro one is running and how often one patches it.
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    @rantalicious Thank you, exactly.
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    Cellphone: yes.
    Alexa/google home: nope. (one Google account for devrant++)
    Ring: no clue what that is.
    Netflix: nope.
    Tollway thing: nope.
    Credit card: nope. (hardly any use for that here)
    Bank account + card: yes, can't survive without one here, no choice.
    Car: no.
    Cameras with mics: we don't have that.
    ISP: full-time vpn server so they can hardly see anything. (own server + mullvad).

    You make it sound like it's fucking impossible to retain any form of privacy and that's simply not true.

    Next to that, I'm talking about a high security environment here, didn't mention anything about privacy so not sure where you're going.
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    Why do juniors and some seniors even, in general, think that their point of view is better than of someone more experienced...
    If team lead says so, as a person who was there long before you, who are you to argue?
    I really enjoy when new guy areives on project and starts shitting all around how nothing is good... Used to do it myself unfortunatelly. I guess it is university artefact.
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    @PurgeXenos Actually, I was an intern there at about the level of this guy but I was the best linuxer/security guy there at that point and they did listen to me so yeah..
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    @linuxxx man, is tox still a thing? I haven't used it in ages. Is it good now?
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    @iguana It's gotten better! Still not ideal but it's very usable.
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    I'm a fan boy of MS. I tried the samething that guy did at my internship....didn't get anywhere with it, but I tried. Long story short....I don't work there anymore.

    BTW I left of my own free will.
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    @DivSyntax Fun thing is that at my current job, even the people who do use windows (also that internship by the way) agree that windows in a high secure prod environment isn't a good idea.

    The main reason is it being closed source, and that in combination with Microsoft's very close relation to the NSA and it's participation within the prism mass surveillance program at least.
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    @linuxxx Ok, I see. The more you know. But, they recently made WinForms and WPF open source. They're starting to open up a bit. Idk how far, but it's a start.
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