What is the best way to scrape websites?

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    Python + BeautifulSoup
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    I've enjoyed PhantomJS/CasperJS but the project is essentially dead now, I know a ton of people use Selenium, and headless chrome is becoming a popular solution.
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    An implementation of curl and an HTML parser
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    Greasemonkey and nodejs
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    Don't mind me, I'm just waiting to shit on the person who's going to recommend regex 👀
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    Sites not using JS : Requests + BeautifulSoup

    if site using JS add :
    - Chromedriver + Selenium
    - Scrapy Splash (one beautiful piece of work)

    Or use scrapy, a crappy lib but okay
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    When there are counter measures, you often need to run your script through a proxy to change up your IP address or you'll just get blocked.
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