A client wanted me to make a website that compared the users face to that of a wrestler. We had done a lot of work, but now he wants to switch it...

to pornstars.

So, I guess the next week of my work is gonna be scraping porn websites. NSFW, for work.

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    Less a rant more a brag ;) but hands on keyboard and no overdosing on pr0n.
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    Hard work. 🤓
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    I hope you focus on the task at hand. No pun intended.
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    Lol i'm sure he said wrestlers to look serious and get people started but it was never part of the plan.

    Who would compare is face to wrestlers ? Nobody.
    Who would find a pornstar looking like a neighbour ? Can't event count.
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    I have free time. Do you need some help on this HARD task?
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    I understand your feeling very good, I was a couple of times with such porn sites projects.

    one time, i was also scrapping and collecting good pics and videos, so my wife entered my room, and start shouting wtf are you doing you bitch you said you were working (ofc no one on earth can get convinced of someone on porn sites to collect content for design).
    So next time she passed by me and saw again a hot picture with a "mommy big boobs" title, so she told me "Awesome you have a hard on this time you asshole, are you working on porn quality assurance.
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    @DonMcCoy this is funnier than the original rant. LoL.
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    @alybadawy 😃, i didnt have anything to tell her but, "I test those picture on me, if this picture caused me a hard on, this means it's a successful picture".
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    @DonMcCoy It seems your work is NSFH (H for Home).
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    @-FLX Thought the same thing. It was never about wrestlers.
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    Can u post the website url please, so I can start comparing?!
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    Is it related to FindFace.me?

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    NSFor Work for work? No one is bothered by this?
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    @antons that's the joke...
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    @willbeddow whoops 😂 well now i certainly feel stupid!
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    @DonMcCoy ehehehehehe that's IQA (Integrated Quality Assurance)
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    @fmarcelinopt IQA, exactly, i was trying to remember this term, thank you.😁
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    @alybadawy do you mean the sites i worked on?
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    @DonMcCoy this website when u can compare porn stars? Yes. This one. 😂
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    @alybadawy if someone ever came to me with such an idea i will just run to him with opened grenade in my pocket and hug him.

    Like who the fuck on earth want to compare to pornstar!!, whats the point!!.
    And this all a thing and the biggest thing that it will include image processing and manipulation which is one of the most taugh part in web development, I tried it once with PHP image compare libraries but wasn't satisfying at all and you need many cross referencing libraries other than PHP.

    But i bet my ass off, that such a retarded idea will get huge traffic if it was good SEOed, why?
    It's exactly because it's so stupid, the people will start to refer each others to see, this damn planet is getting so fucked up, if you still have doubts, go google this: the most viewed songs on youtube, you will see what's this about!!!
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    Fwiw, I think this already exists. Also, I have a feeling people won't usually upload their own faces.
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    @starless Doesn't really matter to me, honestly. The client says that he's mainly doing it as a joke for his millitary buddies, as well as to learn more about python. And I get to work with PIL and structural similarity algorithms, which is really fun. I actually just told him I'd make a blank site with him while teaching him about servers and python and he could upload whatever to it, with me helping him scrape it later.
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    @DonMcCoy 👋 I want to look for lookalikes of many Hollywood celebrities.
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