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    What's happened mate?
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    @epse way too much to express in these 2k char comments... It's just.. I'm done with it. Certified shit designs. I could rewrite that piece of shit called Windows to use a mere 100MB of RAM at most. I could rewrite Android just the same. Yet certified enganeers who can't even make a proper networking stack, do HMDI recognition properly, do USB recognition properly, the designers of that shit are what run the world.. why?! All the while I'm unemployed, doing the best I can to counter it, but what for?

    Post-meritocracy, I bet that that's got to do with it. Because who cares about quality when inclusion boxes can be ticked, right?

    I've no idea why I'm still around anymore. Perhaps by staying alive I really am a masochist.
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    Start making those Android pull requests soon please
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    @Condor hey man come on no reason to feel bad about the work of others! One can only do so much in a lifetime. I'm sure you'll find a job though, you're a good man.

    And please, grab a tea or a coffee instead of a beer every once in a while, it adds up. Maybe try to get moving a bit, go for a run maybe? It's been somewhat dry the last couple of days, always good to vent the frustration and get the mood and motivation up.

    Anyway mate keep your head up, you'll find your place in life.
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    Almost forgot, no clue if you're the hug type or prefer your personal bubble intact, but you sound like you could do with one
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    😱 Please do your internet family a favor and do a "kill -2" instead. At least for now, alright? 😐
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    @epse @beegC0de @NoMad @XiovV @Yamakuzure

    Um.. sorry if I got you worried guys.. my tiredness, wine and overall shittyness of yesterday got the better of me. Everything was just going wrong in a barrage of misfortune. Hopefully it was all concentrated in that one shitty Monday for the time being... Anyway, a good night's sleep worked really well 🙂
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    @Condor wonderful! Have a great week!
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    Take care man, I get your frustration. I'm sure a man of your talent will get some sweet spot :)
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