Hey devrants
From a very long time,I was wondering how to access localhost from outside the network. I tried many times and gave up as well. But finally I did it yesterday using "ngrok".

Ngrok is a great tool to give a try if you wanna access your localhost from outside the network.

And please update me if there is any other alternative.

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    Please don't take it personal but your text kinda sounds like an advertisement.
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    Ngrok is really great. I often use it as a quick workaround to access my local development web server from a phone or tablet.
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    @thoxx the link keeps on renewing after sometime. How do you deal with that?
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    @ThermalCube yes exactly. You should try that as well
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    That's okay for me. I use ngrok only for short testing sessions (like reproduce responsive design problems).
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    @thoxx wow great idea. But how do you edit the code on the smartphone?
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    @thoxx ever tried the admin interface? My mind was blown by it, request log, repeatable reqests. It a great tool
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    Wow, no! This is new to me, thank you (reading the docs at this moment).
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