Hey guys.
I would like to share a video clip with you guys, about the burning of one of the biggest Portuguese forests with 800 years old.
It's mostly in Portuguese and sign language but the images speak all.
I prefer the first video:


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    And I could not forget to share the biggest fire in the same year, in the same month.


    200+ people dead, the largest area burned in one fire.

    I didn't know the rapper, so I'm moved by this videos... The last two years saw the biggest disasters in decades. A huge percentage of our forests burned, plus two storms...
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    Frankly, I've become desensitized and indifferent to stuff like this, which might be a tragedy on it's own, but as long as places like Russia, China and other places (that always seem to get a free pass because no one in those places seemingly cares) don't start actually caring about environment, shit like this will become more and more frequent.
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    @theKarlisK Thankfully our resources are quite limited so we'll run out of things to destroy soon.
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    This is so sad.
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