Well fuck you too Farnell 🖕

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    Buy on mouser 😂
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    Wait... The address bar says https... The error says http...
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    @epse hahaha, I didn't even notice that! Such amazing design, don't you think? 😛

    What I did notice though is that their main domain https://farnell.com has an invalid certificate, and that I'm not blocked when using a different browser. Also that it blocks me when I block their JavaScript (which I do by default) and conduct a search. Because clearly people who care about their security by not running every website and their cat's JavaScript means that they're a bot, right ðŸĪŠ
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    @Condor I had this issue as well once, but that was because a load balancer directed me from one browser to a server with an invalid certificate and with another to one with a valid certificate
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    @Condor It's becoming increasingly hard to browse the web without JavaScript (or you have to at least ignore a lots of websites). Such a shame, especially when you see what companies such as GoDaddy do https://reddit.com/r/programming/...
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    jesus man
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    @Parzi I might need them at a later point in time 🙈
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    @Condor Bookmarks.

    The things you're looking for are bookmarks.
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    Every time I go to Farnell I wonder how they managed to get their shop THAT slow. It's the main reason I usually don't shop there anymore.
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    @Jilano that GoDaddy shit freaked me the fuck out
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    @mjones44 Right? On top of it being illegal (it must be...), It gives an even easier access for potential attacker to do harm.
    When you thought they couldn't get any shittier, they prove you wrong. Cunts.
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    @Jilano it's probably hidden in their TOS somewhere so it's probably *technically* legal but still shitty as fuck
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