Push frequency is not a measure of productivity.

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    We live in time of rampant double speak. I read an article recently that did a great job of challenging current conventional wisdom on testing. The basic theme was that "quality" is not something you can garner from internal metrics like test coverage or that an increased release cadence does not correlate to value for the customer. Instead, quality/value/etc. should be measured at the other end of the pipe: the customer side of things. Value is what the customer says is valuable. Quality is better judged by examining your customer issues/bugs/enhancement requests.
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    Hey @-red, I don't know where else to comment, but thanks for the ++ bomb 😬.
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    Yep. And number of lines of code isn't either.
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    @hanieh-m Oh yes. Absolutely !
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    @-red Exactly!
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