I have realized that my sleepless self is smarter than my usual self . Its like , as my battery goes out, a fuckin monster takes control and tries to rule my brain, scolding my usual self , taunting over smartly and wanting to fuck the hell up everyone who tries to mess with me (nd even some normal friends too)

Whereas my usual self is just meek , defensive and never attacking, sweet listener, calm kind of person with whom people usually mess up or joke about for fun .

I like this aggressive me. Fuck you body health , we are living the life of a sleepless asshole

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    Your sleepless self doesn't give a fuck. About social niceties etc.
    Why not channel that directly instead of screwing over your health?
    Don't become an asshole though.
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    My sleepless self does a lot of typos and says "fuck" a lot
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