TIL DELL Server from 2018 use a 20 Year old GPU cause its reliable. I did honestly not knew this.


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    Well, I guess you won't need it too much of you're just running web?
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    Not to be that guy but that article is written with the finest scientific language "Cards they produced were excellent Windows accelerators"
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    @ScriptCoded this is actually a internal company server, it runs 4 VMs for varios stuff (including a Mail Server for 80 People), copies over a second Server for Failover.

    It just seems so strange, 128 GB RAM, ~20 TB of HDD/SSD Space in a Raid, vast amounts of CPU Power among 16 cores. Two PSUs...aaaaaannnndddd a GPU from 1998 cause why not. Its a 99,99% headless machine anyway.
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    @ScriptCoded that held true..at some point probably. One way or another, its Wikipedia, i guess you could raise and vanquish the foul language.
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    @BurnoutDV Yeah, see what you mean. Though if it's energy efficient the savings can add upp quickly.

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    The only strange thig here is that the server has a graphics card AT ALL.

    For those 0.01% where anyone even has a monitor attached to a server, that will be enough. Maybe DELL has huge stocks of these cards somewhere.

    Actually, an APU would be enough, but I guess that server CPUs are not sold with APU variant.
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    It's reliable, drivers are available for virtually any OS and it's embedded in BMC chip. https://superuser.com/q/1372289/...
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    @gronostaj And what's more important, it has no dedicated vRAM so it can be accessed by iLO/(dell equivalent)/ME.
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