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    not true cause a dos is bringing a server down, so if it's already down the job has been done for them
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    @jckimble Thank you Captain Obvious, this is exactly what the meme is saying!
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    @drRoss who pissed in your wheaties? I know I was being a smartass
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    Shutdown computer gets ddosed, thinks it's a wol packet due to a firmware bug, starts up, and crashes 🤗
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    Can't deny service if not serving..
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    @jckimble I disagree because to be denied service for something you have to first be present for it.

    Example I'm not in work today but I generally breathe the air in the office. I'm not going to be breathing the office air today as I'm not present to be denied the air (think strangled).

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    @mortanius well that boils down to the idea of "if a tree falls down in a forest and there's nobody around to hear it does it make a sound?" if nobody knows of the server nobody is impacted but the server is still down. what you're proposing would be like somebody owning a server with it turned off claiming that they have 100% dos protection. while true, the services are offline which makes them just as useless as if their was a targeted ddos
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    @jckimble I'm pretty sure we were talking about light and not sound?

    Still nothing has been denied if it was not up to be denied anything. Your DOS attempt would yield fuck all because there's nothing on the other side to even acknowledge it let be took down.
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    Plus 1 on the humour :)
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    Didn't expect people to get so upset over a meme 😂
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