I was trying to recover an external hdd, which was not spinning at all.

I started by changing the enclosure, using the SATA port, using another enclosure, now the only possible culprit is pcb.

On testing with multimeter I figured TVS diode was damaged, and since I don't have immediate access to a new pcb, I opened one of my old hdd and desoldered pcb from there and using wires I attached this salvaged TVS diode to the pcb.

It didn't work.

During the research, I came across the fact that different manufacturers make different pcbs, what the hell, I wish there could be some standardisation so people could just swap things easily instead of finding another hdd of the same model just to salvage the pcb.

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    The diode is probably more of a symptom than the cause. TVS diodes are mainly used for protection, so a dead IC might be the cause for the damage. If it was something external and as the stress was bad enough to kill it, it's likely that something else died, too. The diode probably died with a short, which can cause additional damage as well.
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    @7400 and here i thought I achieved something for getting 7400 comments on my posts

    Yea, true. I'm going with replacing the pcb
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