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    The article needs editing (repetitive structure, weird grammar at times, etc.).

    Also, you haven't provided any context at all. The language you choose for game development depends heavily on your platform, type of game, and scale. So if you want to get into AAA gamedev your path will be sort of different from say casual browser gamedev.

    Also, stuff like Lua or Python are heavily used to script over optimized C/C++ code, not many large games use them exclusively because they suck at performance. Also many large engines use them as scripting languages because C++ is cumbersome for high level stuff.
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    What WoT, Civ4 and sims4 were written in python?! I fucking doubt that. If that is true where is the python code then?
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    @Gregozor2121 they use Python as their scripting engine I think
    Just like cryengine uses Lua
    It's quite easy to wrap your C/C++ code and call it from Python. So that you don't need to develop your own game scripting language and the designers don't have to write C++

    Edit: totally missed that I had written something similar above lol. Didn't notice my own comment
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