Android Development. Question to those who are experienced:

There is IntelliJ and AndroidStudio. I know that IntelliJ is mainly for Java Desktop Development but I've heard that it can be used for Android development too. Android Studio is clunky. Which one is better for lightweight Android development? Oh, and why is AndroidStudio not in the JetbrainsToolbox?

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    AS is just IDEA but with Android-specific functions. SDK, AVD etc. I doubt you'll see much difference. Intellij MAY drain less RAM, but from experience I can say that most of the RAM/storage usage comes not from IDE but AVDs.
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    If you only want to do Android development, I recommend Android Studio because it is much easiert to set up, once you get the hang of it.

    I work with Spring Microservices and Android which leads me to have both IDEs installed.

    Although Android Studio is based on Intellij IDEA Community Edition, it is not distributed by JetBrains, instead by Google / Android.
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