Imagine we would not code in English, but in German:

--- Haupt.java
importiere java.nützliches.strom.Strom;

öffentlich Klasse Haupt {
öffentlich statisch Leere haupt(Kette[] args) {
Strom<Kette> argStrom = Strom.von(args);

ich@meins ~ $ javac Haupt.java
Haupt.java:3: Falscher attributiver Genus: 'öffentliche' erwartet

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    That's like one of my nightmares :D. I find using technology in any other language but English unnatural and uncomfortable
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    I’d replace Kette by Schnur or Faden... :)
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    @dder yeah, that would work well... I just took Kette from Zeichenkette 😁
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    @shinypotato i can relate! I usually geht diarrhea from reading German comments/vars
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    I have picked up project from international teams. It is detective work, believe me. Trying to figure out function name in Czech :). Especially, when you handed over a codebase without supporting documentations
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    @shinypotato En wat dacht je van coden in NL?
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    to my great dissatisfaction there is no secret german only programming language. There are chinese ones or localized versions of some simple ones, but none that is exclusivly german. Zuses Plankalkül speaks Math not german so it doesnt qualify

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    @BurnoutDV there is something... we used BlueJ SuM in Highschool.
    It was kind of a Java Lib, Stifte und Mäuse.
    It was for educational purposes with methods like Bildschirm.zeichneDich() or Stift.zeichneLinie(pos.x,pos.y, 20)
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    VirtuellerStift.ZeichneDieseLinie(Position.x, Position.y, Zwanzig)

    there was a rant some time ago where i pointed out that its actually useful for me as german that english is THE programming language, makes it easy to distinguish between variables, function and comments even when just glancing over
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    @CodeMasterAlex Ik studeer in het Engels, dus ik codeer in het Engels. Ik ben echter een Teaching Assistant voor Nederlandse studenten en ze coderen met Nederlandse namen, wat ik nogal verwarrend vind
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    Localization of everything is slowly infecting the dev world.
    It wouldn't surprise me if in a few years, it will be common to have completely localized code (including keywords). 😩
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    I'm German, but I still read it in my head as if Hitler himself was speaking.
    Similar to Minecraft's German translations: Klöbrrriger Kolben! Befallener BrrruchSTEIN! BEFEEEHLSblock! Grobwägeplatte! Braune Keramik!
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    Back in the last millennium, there was actually some experimentation going on in this area.

    When I first learned VBA (way, WAY back in school) it was in German. Yes, almost like you described it.

    I forgot most of the Syntax, but I remember one Control was called "ListenfeldListe".

    It's not easy to find remnants of this on the internet, but here's a snippet I googled:

    Öffentlich RecSelDim Als Ganz

    Öffentlich RecSel() Als Ganz

    Öffentlich RecSelFirst Als Ganz

    Öffentlich Zap(6) Als ZeichenF

    Sub TestMakro()

    Setze Dlg = DieseArbeitsmappe.DialogblattListe(1)

    Mit Dlg.ListenfeldListe(1)


    .EintragHinzufügen Text:="Test1"

    Zap(1) = "Test1"

    .EintragHinzufügen Text:="Test2"

    Zap(2) = "Test2"

    .EintragHinzufügen Text:="Test1"

    Zap(3) = "Test1"

    .EintragHinzufügen Text:="Test4"

    Zap(4) = "Test4"

    .EintragHinzufügen Text:="Test2"

    Zap(5) = "Test2"

    .EintragHinzufügen Text:="Test1"

    Zap(6) = "Test1"

    Ende Mit

    Ende Sub
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    @CodeMasterAlex Basically every word sounds funny to me ;)
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    @shinypotato Ik ben het helemaal met je eens! Nederlandse namen, zo ontzettend onhandig. Buiten dat zijn er tegenwoordig steeds meer buitenlandse ontwikkelaars die worden ingehuurd door bedrijven. Engels is wat mij betreft the way to go. Maar dat maak jij je studenten vast ook wel wijs:)
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    Sounds like an alternative timeline where Nazis won WWII
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    You have not experienced coding, until you have coded in the original Klingon. - Qapla'
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    @Wolle or read Shakespeare in Klingon :)
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    I've always wandered what that would be like. Especially because I'm a native English speaker so I barely had to learn anything new.
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    Omg, started laughing at the office at that 😂😂
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    @Wolle in basic languages in klingon the end statement goes like this:
    "Heghlu'meH QaQ DaHjaj!"
    Which means:
    "Today is a good day to die."

    Vulkan basic:

    Logic begins
    Insert logic here
    Logic never ends
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    If Hitler had won the 2nd World War we would probably program like this
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    i actually once wrote a script that ran source code through google translate. The results were hilarious.
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    Sometimes I find code for something I am looking into on GitHub but its in chinese or russian .........
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    @Synti that is awesome, laughed my ass off ;-)
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    I would still spell stuff wrong
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    @Kyu96 get a way to put some taboo words in, like "天安門" "六四" then the whole project can probably die (for Chinese ones)
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