It's ok YouTube .. your stupid algorithm promotes family friendly content and demonetizes the rest anyways .. so get your head out of your ass first 🌝

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    You mean family friendly content such as a dude who's over 18 touching (and kissing) underaged girls for money (even if they didn't want to as well)?
    Yes. That was trending. That dude was banned, but somehow he managed to get his channel reinstantiated. Only after a short while, YouTube noticed that he should've stayed banned. :)
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    @filthyranter well .. the point is still that YouTube's algorithm is broken ...
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    @kappekp let's say it how it is - YouTube is broken beyond repair or redemption. Sh**'s hugged yo!

    It's not just the algo - it's the whole damn thing on every step of the way.
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    @Alice well what I tried to say was .. their rampant and broken monetization algorithm hurts creators so much that the style of content developed by them changes entirely. They try to be family friendly. I know how broken that shit is because I got recommended Logan Paul's suicide forest video in trending.
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