I have co workers who laugh at me everytime I discuss to them how we should create clean code. (create functions for repeating code, naming conventions, generic code).

They would brag instead how they make another javascript ui library/plugin work(we are web developers by the way). Looks good in the front end but a mess in the backend.

I already created generic classes, generic database views that can be used by them if they want. But they create a new one with the same functionality.

I am a bit of a shy guy, and they are bit of loud, and I don't want to look like a know-it-all-guy, so I just let them do what they want.

I am just concerned how we can work easier by easily reading each others code.

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    We all have those shitheads, they just make it work, doesn’t care about maintainability, and also a codepen-copy-paste “frontend dev”
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    Yes and what makes me sad is they don't even know how to properly use an array, yet they are the loudest people bragging about how cool they are because of some UI library.

    It makes me sad because, they keep on bullying me that my UI looks trash.(I rely heavily on Bootstrap)

    Just because I don't talk that much, maybe they are thinking I don't know what I am doing.....
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    You are not alone dude, I also feel the same. I'm trying to giving them example from my code and they always say "Its too complicated" or "We don't have time to do this" then doing it in their own way
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    @oreru I think it does exist. They just don't see it.
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    The hardest thing in our industry is not writing code, its how to deal with underperforming/ under-qualified people.

    Why it is so hard is because no one knows who is under performing until you look at the code. Its appear shiny when they talk about it, but under the hood could be a pile of shit, slowing down others.

    This year is my 10th year of programming and the most important thing I know is: when you see shit, just say it out loud "I THINK THIS IS SHIT".
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