One of the guys I go to college with asked me for help. I took one look and saw his variable names...
int numberOfCarsInParkingLotSinceLastChecked = 0;
Explained the issue. Or tried. He kept interrupting to ask me about random nonsense ("Would you walk naked into walmart for $500?"). Got fed up, told him to work on it my own.
Fast forward 2 years, and he's erasing my group's planning on whiteboards with "SAVE" on them. Week after week.
I hate that guy.

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    Total dick move on his part, but that's insane to keep important planning info on whiteboards.
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    int wouldYouWalkNakedIntoWalmartForFiveHundredDollars = 1;
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    @bahua It's not quite public whiteboard. My college has a room with cubicles only accessible by software engineering and cs students for mainly use during senior design projects (an actual course). The general rule is that, due to the main function of these cubicles, if it says "SAVE," you leave it and write elsewhere or around it. He's in the same course at a different hour. He knows the rules.
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