Any project ideas with Raspberry Pi you want to do but didn't find time till now?

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    I want to set up an octoprint instance
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    And the IoT-Toaster strikes again.
    Also, i think you should rename the project to IoToaster.
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    @metamourge input output toaster? Internet of things toaster makes more sense
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    I'm gonna build my own arcade machine, buy probably not with Raspberry but one of the more efficient clones.
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    IOT bookshelf: if you have lots of books and you want to find the specific title, you pull out your phone, type the title and the LEDs on the bookshelf would glow on the book that you're looking for
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    I’m planning to build a smart thermostat for my super old boiler. Nothing complicated, just a wireless relay, a thermometer and a nice online frontend.
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    IoT Voice activated tv remote.
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