How the fuck can this happen?
It might be a malware. I did not do a scan yet, but I guess that it has to do with Google Chrome itself.
I think that a pop up once appeared and ever since I get these windows alerts every 1 hour or something like that.

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    Ok, found the solution.
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    Seems like Google Chrome makes use of the native Windows 10 Action Center since Chrome 68.
    You can block unwanted chrome ads from popping up. They are not only limited to the window of Chrome. You can see these ads even when you minimize Chrome and open another software in full-screen mode. That can put you into a pretty bad situation very quickly when you are for example in school or work.

    Solution: chrome://settings/content/... -> Check out list of allowed sources -> Block or delete the entries of the unwanted sources.
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    Are we not making any jokes about edge(s) here?
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    I really want this to happen on some public live Google presentation.
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    Saand uncensored pic + sauce of notif to Telegram codrTalk - NSFW plz _/\_
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    Clear the cookies
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    Seems like good malware. More like Bienware.
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    You guys need to calm down. For this to happen you need to actually allow the source to do so.
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    @nitwhiz is right.
    I must have clicked an "allow this website to notify me" type of button before. I have just remembered that I did that on a website.
    That website didn't contain anything NSFW related things tho.

    There was a misunderstanding and I'm sorry for that. Especially to the Google Chrome team, who is maybe reading this, for particularly blaming them.
    It was my mistake.
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    @Condor damn hahaha
    "Open engine exhaust" _/\_
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- *wiggles engine exhaust*
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    @ftechhelp yah because the girl "esta Bien-Buena" ?
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