This review.... it hurt me and made me laugh at the same time.

I dont even know anymore.

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    The best bit is they're actually supposed to be 8GB lol
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    @JayCee Nah the 8gb ones were what I was looking at. They went up to 128 i think.
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    Why? It's a legitimate complaint on a flat out lie.
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    @RantSomeWhere I mean, technically he's right. Manufacturers (or vendors) are lying to us (not like that's something new), we have just grown to accept it.
    The drive says 32GB of storage, I pay for 32GB of storage, not 29GB. If the firmware, drivers and whatever they chuck on these things nowadays take up 3GB, then that's not my problem. Either make the drive 35GB or avertise it as 29GB.
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    Yes, they are lying and we have grown to (not) accept it (but I also don't give a shit tbh). This guy on the other hand is probably just a regular joe (at least in the context of technology), he hasn't got his monies worth, so he fairly expresses his discontent. Doesn't seem like an idiot to me.
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    It's just that windows counts in GiB and says it's GB
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    @Mckol Yeah, just like it should be. A 1TB drive should either be manufactured to actually hold 1TB of user available space or they should manufacture in 1TiB and advertise in 1TiB.
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    I dont know if you are trolling or not.
    Windows uses different unit to measure the capacity that is why it appears that it is smaller than 32GB.
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    @Gregozor2121 but they do call it GB, regardless of the actual unit used for measure.
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    Because of the discrepancy between hardware manufacturers measuring in decimal prefix and OS'es measuring in binary prefixes, the end customers will always pay for roughly 7% less usable storage space (before factoring in formatted space and other allocations). This is really apparent when you consider something like a 12TB drive. You'll lose around 800GB of storage space because of this discrepancy.

    I can't really see this as anything else than a marketing ploy. I also believe WD have been up in court over this issue.
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    Who cares how it's advertised? You either accept what you get or send it back for a refund (which would be silly). No need to waste time arguing about 29GB VS 32GB.
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    @kenogo That is because of the file system, you cannot utilise 100% of the storage unless you do not care about the ability to mount it
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