I just watched Black Mirror: Bandersnatch the movie with chromecast, I didn't know what was going on until the movie told me, then I switched to the laptop

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    I love Netflix, but Bandersnatch was complete and utter shit that made me pirate a movie just to get the taste out of my mouth.
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    @Hypergeek it was an interesting experiment, but I had to force myself through the 05:20:00 something, yeah.
    The actors were great, though!
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    "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

    Didn't know that actor already got his own movie.
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    It wasn't well written. It wasn't thought provoking. Plus, it was done a few times in the past by Netflix, and it was violent as all fuck for absolutely no reason with ZERO storyline to back it. Telltale Games did such a wonderful job with Walking Dead: Season One... that I feel that's the high mark for a digital representation of a story with options. But, even they recently took a serious fall from grace.

    Netflix should have gone with a classic board game and made an interactive movie out of it, much like Clue did with Tim Curry, way before most of you were even sperm. That would have been a much better way to handle that idea.

    And, btw - besides the Hunter Thompson-ish wannabe - the acting sucked balls.
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    I actually quite enjoyed Bandersnatch.

    It was very Black Mirror, and it didn’t try to take itself too seriously, because it wanted to be an exploration of the interactive medium and of free will.

    All things considered I thought the storyline and the concepts it touched on were thought out well enough, and as for bad acting, it could just be because it was *very* British, and they seemed like regular people to me and the people I watched it with 😂
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