Was going through old photos from university time and...I present to you the result of deadline + lack of sleep + boredom + shitty university project because somebody decided that CS folks needed to learn webdev in old ASP.NET.

Yes that is one query. I wrote the entire thing out as a string in my C# program in one go and tested it by running it from the program. Must've worked properly because I got them grades so eh. I recall I had one nested seven levels too (this is just 5) but I can't find a photo of it. These two queries did all the business logic. Yeah.

Apologies for the poor quality photo of the screen, I don't have the code so no screenshot, this is just from my photos archive

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    Well, asp.net is still very much alive out in companies so odds are you might end up supporting one or porting it to another platform.

    And asp.net are less likely that you would go for in hobby projects.

    But I hope you get to use mvc and some real client side frameworks to so you have a more broad experience.
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    This is pretty cool
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    @Voxera oh don't get me wrong, I didn't mind using asp.net as such, I happen to really enjoy working with C# so that worked out well. But this wasn't even the MVC variant and they basically had us making forms all the time for three months so I guess I got a bit miffed at that.

    But anyway this kind of thing is better left to a job to teach, I suppose I should be happy that we got any exposure to webdev at all.

    And it got me to try .NET Core, which I really like, so eh, worked out in the end I suppose.
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    Even so, this is some of the best Asp.net code i have seen.

    I have bad memories of asp.net
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    Doesn’t look too bad tbh. Not very resilient but I’ve seen way worse. This you can actually read.
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