This is how one of our junior devs solved a merge conflict

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    Ok I think we can tell if this key is set already 😫
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    Why || many times on the same param?

    And why not return isset...etc.?
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    Well we all started somewhere ...
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    /*My Eyes are bleeding*/
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    /*slow clap*/

    Probably would have worked just fine if *only* they checked to see if $query['pt'] was set another couple of times.
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    After 6 months he'll read that snippet and say "Oh my God, I can fix it!"

    nChecksToBeReallySure = 1000
    ret = False
    for i in range(nChecksToBeReallySure)
    ret = ret || bool(math.sin(isSet(...) * math.pi / 2))

    if ret:
    return True
    return not True
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    but why?
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    @SortaBubbly I don’t think any of us started here, lol.
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    Let’s not ignore the atrocious and misspelled function name.
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    good job for a junior dev
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    @SortaBubbly typically you start learning not to do this prior to employment
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    Well, he went full retard
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    Defensive programming
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    @pher DOP: Defensive oriented programing
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    Did I miss the stage where I was a Jr dev? cuz I've never written code like that...
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    @billgates even as a Jnr you should know that the first isset() is the only one ever to be evaluated if it returns true for this conditional.

    So unless somehow you manage to have $query[‘pt’] be false, false, false, false,false, and then true without modifying it within the condition it’s useless and you really have done something beyond remarkable.
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    Oh how nice it is to be young and naive and young and naive and young and naive and young and naive.
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    Aaaah this reminds me of my first merge conflicts... good times
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    Is so cute XD
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    Hey, they are learning, tell them how to do it right, hit them with a whip a couple of times and they would learn!
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    Ask your junior to explain what the code does line by line.. Slowly..
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