What's the best passive income for you? With small effort/capital but with big returns in a short period of time? Also high chance of working/succeeding.

I don't want to be an employee forever :) thanks!

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    > passive income
    > big returns in short period of time

    choose one motherfucker
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    Bonds maturing in 30 years.
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    Ahh yes what you're looking for is a real live unicorn
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    @Ximidar @beegC0de op's the type of guy to buy tai lopez courses
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    If what you're asking for existed, everyone would be doing it, which simultaneously also means it would therefore not work.

    What you asked could also be rephrased as, "I want to make a lot of money quickly without having to do much" which sounds to me like what someone might say right before deciding to rob a bank...
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    create 20 indie-startups and hope that one will be a success.
    you learn from each project and thus it'll benefit your primary source of income in the meantime.
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    From what I know of finance, investing in stuff with stable but not spectacular (compared to the fancy fast moving volatile shares that is) growth over time is the thing to do over like 20-30 years. This includes evergreen stuff like infrastructure and operations firms and so on.

    Will get back to you in 20-30 years to tell you how it goes :p
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    Whatever you do, DO NOT JOIN A MLM
    They suck you dry and leave you brainwashed
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    Also an issue I’m struggling with, get rich quick schemes more than often fail to work.

    I’d focus on providing services or content with a revenue generating surface.

    A blog with ads.
    An online course you can sell.
    An app you can sell.
    Shared hosting you can offer to people with a bit of markup.

    All manner of options, but they all take time and varying degrees of effort.

    Unfortunately the golden rule of mo’ money mo’ money applies, the more you have, the more you can get.
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    @SukMikeHok @beegC0de sorry I should have rephrased my question hehe 🤓

    My selected long term options right now are being a youtuber and real estate (renting). For short term, none as of the moment but just developing high income skills.

    @amahlaka I have joined an MLM before but being a programmer means less time for it because of mostly doing OT at work and not much having time to do it. I also want a real business. Also, it is hard to do MLM if you are just doing it part time based from my experience.
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    @Brolls thanks for that mate. I guess it is much better for lots of small multiple streams of income (even if low at first but will slowly gradually grow).

    Online course is good (falls in my youtuber or any sites that sell courses like skillshare, etc)

    My question should be multiple streams of small to medium passive incomes 😀
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    @rantalicious Thanks mate I think there is no such thing as "in a short period of time". Right now I will save up all of my income for rental properties such as condos/apartments.

    Like uncle Grant Cardone said, "if I would go back in time I will invest all my money in real estate"
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