I'm currently on elementary.

I have two monitors, one plugged to my Rx 560 and GPU and the other to onboard graphics.

Despite this my main monitor is rendered on the Intel inbuilt GPU and I have stuttery gui on my primary monitor.

(My second one is an old monitor and I can't find VGA to dvi converters, on Windows it just works so I haven't had an issue)

Please help me guys !

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    I have a couple generations older AMD GPU but my observations may still be helpful. These are also on Windows.

    If I use dual monitors, the gpu will raise its clocks and keep them there regardless of the load.

    If I have overclocked the card, the clocks fall to power saving like on single monitor. This causes one of the monitors to flicker horribly.

    I imagine that on the sleep clocks the memory clocks are too low to feed data to the second monitor (this is just speculation).
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