As a dev I never gave the possibility of someone using my notebook, PC or phone to snap a photo of me much thought because I just assumed that whoever made the camera module was smart enough to make it so that whenever the CCD/CMOS sensor receives power an LED wired to the same rail lights up - letting you know the camera is on... BUT! That is an assumption I made, has anyone looked how are webcams wired up? Can anyone confirm my assumption?

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    I have heard that this is not always the case. I would imagine that the driver controls the led at least on some implementations.
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    @electrineer hm... that tells me I should probably grab that electrical tape on my table and tape up the camera on my notebook
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    @D3add3d that's the safe bet. Also helps when you accidentally make a video call to your boss from your bed on Sunday.
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    @electrineer Is that a reference to M$ buying GitHub? 😂😂😂😂
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    @D3add3d I think it just didn't let me use / for some reason
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