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Started a role about 6 months ago. I'm the sole IT programmer. A bit of the mess I inherited...

- 100+ stand-alone applications/tools (luckily most of them aren't too big).
- No documentation.
- Some applications' only copy of the code exists in production.
- We only have production.
- A single file consisting of 30K+ lines of VB. Little to no comments. The one comment at the top says to keep old code by commenting it out and state what you changed.
- Previous devs didn't like foreign keys.
- No. Fucking. Version. Control. At. All.
- And so much more...

Luckily I was hired due to my experience so I could fix all these problems. Its actually a really great job.

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    Welcome to devRant! How much of the mess have you gotten cleaned up in those 6 months?
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    Hey sounds like my workplace. Did the rest jump ship?
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    @svgPhoenix quite a bit. Some things are easier to put in place (e.g. git, documentation, etc). Others will take a while like but we have plans in the works to clean those up as well.
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    @theuser They had contractors previously for this work (which means they didn't have a lot of say in how they completed the work) but they decided to fill the role themselves.
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    Wish i could ++ extra for your name 😁
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    My employer maintains an entirely undocumented ERP-system (roughly 500k lines of code)
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    @theuser That is painful.

    For me the code isn't completely horrible, but a lot of times I have no way of knowing what is actually a bug, and what's a feature. There are so many corner cases and ambiguities. But I'm slowly learning.
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