So I've got a few stories, but the first one goes like this:

>> Spring semester last year
>> Likely have the best grade in a front end web dev class
>> Has a file on a server that we used for this class.
>> Copies HTML file to desktop from server
>> Opens desktop file in VS (or VSCode, I forgot lol)
>> Opens server HTML file in chrome
>> Edits the file
>> Browser doesn't change.
>> "What to fuck?"
>> Clears cache
>> Doesn't change anything
>> Closes and reopens Chrome
>> Still no change
>> 'Yo what the fuck???"
>> Calls professor over to get help
>> Explains problem
>> Instantly realize I'm a dip shit and open the desktop HTML file in Chrome and see the changes I made

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    I've freaked out more than once over changing my code, forgetting to save, and freaking out when I get the exact same compiler error or same wrong output
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    @beegC0de I'm a compulsive Ctrl + S guy when it comes to writing code (and papers for class).

    I could have not even made a change and I'm still pressing it 3 or 4 times lol
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