Literally what I do 80% of the time at work.

I am the only one that:

Knows CSS properly
Knows SCSS
Understands how to set up a proper front end workflow
Fucking etc

I AM the css dude at work and I FUCKING HATE working with CSS, at the same time I take it upon myself to push through the projects because my team is shit at it and I would rather work with it than to have someone else do it and then fix their shitcode.

As a whole....i dislike design. Badly.

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    In my previous role, I too was the css guy, it was not because I was good at it or anything, it was because I was patient with it
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    Not that this comment is useful in any case... but I love Design badly. :)
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    I feel you, doing the same with react rn. I want to die
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    @ynnk and I wish i had someone like you at work man.

    I respect the field far too much to keep thinking that i can do with the role of a designer when i am not one.

    I can "do" with it, as in survive. But it would be far better to have a designer.
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    @010001111 not a fan of React or JS as a whole?
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    @AleCx04 thats why there are front and back end devs. sure you can go fullstack but i think the dev heart will always prefer back or frontend :)
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    Literally what i do 80% of the time at work:

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    @ganjaman and angry butt sex
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