I am currently working on a project with a team of 5. I like working at night. After committing my code, I sleep at 6. My team on waking up decides to change the UI and I have to start over again. The irony is: None of them are working with me on the frontend! Feels like I am stuck on a while(true) loop.

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    bool hasJob() {
    return hasTask();

    bool hasTask() {
    return !tasks.size.isEmpty();

    In this setup, would you add loop method or not?
    void loop() {
    while(true) {
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    Just break; out of it

    Wait what? Why are they making you refactor I presume you aren't doing UI, so backend. Their UI should be independent.

    Tell them to give their requirements 1 day in advance and you go take the day off, that way by the end of it they will have to specify what work is required.

    I have never had to deal with this issue, because I use GraphQL, but it's possible to have a decoupled UI without it.
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