That kind of bugs 😯

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    And then you get a silent random error...
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    I created an app with lots of oops.
    Beautifully created.

    I changed something at core level, and nothing breaks. I got OCD, nervous, and other related mental problems.

    Tried to find why its not breaking.
    Turns out I made created awesome architecture that wouldnt effect core level.

    Finally sat in peace. Enjoying myself.

    Later, i need to be a worst designer.
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    Prefixed variable names.. Ewwww. This is so 90's
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    when you forget the "if err != nil" in golang, and nothing shows, not even error
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    That stick figure makes me sad
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    I've had it one too many times
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    That's not a man.
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    @-newaj That's why you use discriminated unions :)
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    @-red I thought I saw a penis too.
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    @MoonOwl haven't reached there yet
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