I like to use a Light theme for my IDE / Code Editor. Don't -1 me thanks.

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    I'm not alone! :-D
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    well, your eyes seems to be in a top shape, be grateful for that.

    me getting more blind by year, always looking for dark themes. :/
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    Finally someone said it.
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    Dark themes are for edgelords
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    Dont tell me what to do 🤨
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    I am using a light theme at the moment
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    I use a dark theme for the code editor because it helps improve the overall contrast for the diffrent colors in my code. Tried OS X’s dark theme when it came out and found that I really don’t like doing the whole system in black, however.
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    @irene hhahha ook, my eyes hurting with light themes or just bright/light stuff in general must be another issue
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    @irene yup, that's for sure, i set the bright to 0 when I got a brand new one, the damn thing was like having readable lamp. Ok I will give light themes another try and hope that goes well. Thx u
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    Or use a tool like FLux
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