My GF just selected all files on her harddrive and clicked "Open".

The look at her face when she figured out what she have done.

BONUS: She restarts her computer, and upon start she selects Yes to the "Your computer shutdown unexpected, would you like to re-open the applications" popup 😂

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    Hahaha this is awesome.
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    Sounds funny, but... you mean only the visible folder e.g. C:\, right? Ok, maybe she has a partition where she drops everything let's say D:\ but it still shouldn't be that bad to actually need a reboot. Or how do you actually select _all_ files on a hardrive except manually writing a script that walks the drive and launches each file?
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    Priceless moments :)
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    when I first get a pc I used to create shortcuts of every program on the desktop and then select all and hit enter.
    the I just sit back and watch. 😀
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    @KeyWeeUsr I think he is using a mac os since it will show that kind of prompt upon restarting.
    In mac, there's this "all my files" feature where you can see literally all your files inside your hard drive. And mac users usually don't divide their drives into several partitions.

    Also, you only need to double click in order to open something. So yeah, this was quite a disaster for his gf 😂
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    I've did something like this once - it's pretty easy to do by accident on Mac. Ex. I selected a huge amount of photos and meant to open them in the slideshow viewer but instead opened them each individually lol.
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    @hyoori Oh, so that's why! We Lin/Win users don't have the double-click to open feature :P (joke). Anyway, the example with partitions was only because some people use the non-system partition on Lin/Win just as a one big folder, therefore it'd be possible to experience a similar thing as OP describes ^^

    However, I wonder why there's even such an option to list _every_ file on a drive. Or is it some kind of "grep *.*" window?
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    @KeyWeeUsr in mac, everytime user opens a finder window initially they will get this screen: http://cdn.cultofmac.com/wp-content...

    I rarely use this feature too though :/
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    @dfox derp. this always happens to me.
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    @hyoori yep, each time I re-install a fresh OS or setup a new Mac, I change that f Finder setting!
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    @binarydigit whew never thought of that. Imma do the same now
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